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My Heart

    • Amanda A Bruce
    • on 29/7/19
    • I am starting a new job lol thats right a total new job no chicken plant. I know all 3 of you b with me n thanks for that bc i need yall. Its just been hot as blazes down here n trying keep Poncho out of the heat Ber Ber Rabbit is like keeping Cricket from aggravating you. I miss you truely everyday n i hope your ok n i love you so much. Have fun today n tomorrow and forever but be at that bridge

    • Amanda A Bruce
    • on 25/7/19
    • Its hot down here but was raining for like 5 days strait n i know how u hated to get your paws wet Mr. Hooper Maurice... I hope yall never forget me bc i think of each of you daily and how i know that yall loved the new land n house. I miss n love yall soooo MUCH... KISSES KISSES

    • Amanda A Bruce
    • on 22/7/19
    • Hey its been a minute since I lasr wrote u. I miss u more more everyday i love you

    • Amanda
    • on 8/7/19
    • Hey Ber Ber n Hooper and Cricket i hope yall are all getting alone lol i miss you guys alot. Our new place you would have loved. Sometimes i think bout different things yall have n laugh n i still cry 4 all 3 of you. I love yall n miss yall terrible.

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