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Sparky we miss our sweet Cockatiel

    • Mommy Joan For Sparky
    • on 8/9/18
    • 9/8/18 SPARKY my precious Cockatiel feather baby that Mommy misses so much you were 28 years ten months and 2 weeks old when you passed. You are at rainbowsbridge now your new home. All your babies and rags and memorial bag and Sparky Spirit are here. Send mommy sounds of you voice, kisses and sneezes I hear all the time. I cry for you so much, cannot wait to see you again. LOVE MOMMY JOAN. ♡♡♡

    • Mommy Joan
    • on 21/6/18
    • Sparky this is the time that we be getting you out for dinner Mommy and Daddy miss you so much I love you and I hope you're eating okay on rainbowsbridge your water dish is still here and your food dishes still hear your blue one and we have some grape nuts in the freezer for you and I have some smart chips to left over for you I miss you so very much hugs and kisses you were such a precious bird

    • Mommy Joan and daddy Jim
    • on 21/6/18
    • Sparky today is June 20, 2018. You've been gone almost 6 months it will be 6 months the 28th you were such a sweet precious bird I cry for you everyday. We have a new landlord he is so nice they are such nice people there helping us a lot more than the other one so we're really say for now things are going to be better. Your Memorial bag and your little remains are here. I love mommy and daddy.

    • on 21/6/18
    • Sparky mommy misses you so much Daddy Misses you you were such a sweet bird so sorry you passed away I wish I could have been there longer than the few minutes I was there we pray for you everyday you were born February 14th 1989 and you passed December 28th 2017 praying for you kisses and hugs your babies are here love you so much for little baby miss you so much so very much mr. Carrot says hi

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