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Yulin Dogs

    • Melody m
    • on 20/5/17
    • For all the kittys and doggys suffering . May you all be rescued and freed from your pain and fear.....

    • Lori
    • on 7/5/17
    • Please help all those animals in yulin deargod don't let them hurt any anmails please, help them now

    • Claude V Marie
    • on 19/1/17
    • WE LOVE YOU Yulin and every other place where evil cruel people are pertetrating and supporting their demonic cruelty upon you. You will be in Heaven free after all the pain and fear. I will meet you all in Heaven your abusers and their supporters Burn in Hell. Amen.

    • Melody m
    • on 31/10/16
    • Love and hugs sent to you. May you feel the love sent to you..and may you be rescued from your suffering and freed from your pain....Dear God please help them.... May your love surround them always and keep them safe.....amen...♥️

    • Melody montminy
    • on 26/10/16
    • For all the beautiful animals at Yulin who suffered so and those who still are. May the white light of Gods love surround you and free you from your suffering..and be rescued, and to those who have passed on , rest in loving peace sweet babies and run free at the Rainbow Bridge. Also may you all know you are forever loved, and i hope you can feel the love sent your way..amen

    • Brigitta MacMillan
    • on 20/6/16
    • This is for the dogs AND the cats who will be made to suffer for some incomprehensible reason by people with no soul.

    • Kitty Seghetti
    • on 5/7/15
    • Rest in Peace little ones, run free and without fear and pain forever

    • Kitty Seghetti
    • on 2/7/15
    • Rest on peace little ones, you can run free without fear now

    • on 2/7/15
    • Karin M.
    • on 29/6/15
    • Praying for the people of Yulin,China to STOP this torture and killing of GOD's creatures. Please GOD help these defenseless animals!

    • Carol Hewitt
    • on 25/6/15
    • Namaste dear dogs Run free over the Rainbow Bridge...

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